Isabelle, une de mes étudiantes a English Your Way, a vraiment aimé cuisiner avec Jamie Oliver. Voici donc un autre grand chef anglais pour vous et Isabelle avec qui vous pourrez cuisiner tout en apprenant l’anglais.

Nigella Lawson is a world famous British chef best known for her cooking shows « Nigella Bites », « Forever Summer » et « Nigella Express ».   She is also the auther of several best selling recipe books.  Her shows are very entertaining and her recipes are delicious and simple to make.
She has hundreds of videos on her You Tube channel for you to pick and chose from.  While you search for recipes have a dictionary at hand to look up new words to learn food and kitchen equipement vocabulary.  Use a mind map to record vocabulary to make it easier to learn and remember all the vocabulary.

New to You Tube?  Here is some information that might help you.  Below the YouTube video you will find this control panel.  It has a number of features some of which are described below.
  • You can turn subtitles off and on by clicking the CC button.
  • The next button lets you slow down the video, 0.75 is the best setting I find.  The language is still natural but a little slower so you can pick up pronunciation features of English such as stress, intonation and connected speech.
  • The last button changes the video to full screen, just click esc to return to the smaller video.

If you rather read visit Nigella’s Website where there are hundreds of recipes to choose from.  You can learn English while having fun cooking.  Perhaps you could have an English themed dinner party with friends or family at which everyone speaks English.
Bon appétit
Améliorer votre compréhension orale et écrite en anglais en cuisinant avec Nigella Lawson