Here are two of my wonderful English students , Isabelle and Sylvie.  They are very busy preparing for a dialogue they are going to do using the Comparative.  They were my very first students at English Your Way.  They started as A1 level students.  They work really hard, only speak English in class, and they do all of thier homework.  On Monday they start their 3rd and last program at A2.  In September they will progress to A2+. Our English class is growing and we are looking forward to welcoming two new students to our class tomorrow evening.

In our final class this semester we looked at the Comparative and Superlative and here are the boards.  I hope you find them helpful.  (Blow them up to have a good look).  Firstly, working together, students found the rules for forming comparative adjectives, which are shown on the first board.  Then we looked at some example sentences using the comparative adjective, shown on the second board.  Once we got the sentences on the board we looked at the stucture for making a comparative sentence.  Once students understood how to use, and to make, comparative sentences, they practiced it in a discussion to choose the best place for a holiday.  They did a great job, and ultimately, after comparing different types of holidays, they agreed upon Urville Nacqueville for a surfing & camping holiday.  The last board shows the rules on how to make the superlative.  Great work class!

1st board – rules for forming the Comparative
2nd board – shows the structure of the comparative in sentences
3rd board – shows rules for forming the Superlative
Want to know the rules for making Comparative and Superlative sentences in English?