Celebrating International Women’s day – A great song from the 70’s which still rings true today.

Part 1
1) Click on the image below.  Listen to the song and see what you can understand.
2) Listen to the song again and fill in the blanks (Sometimes more than one word is missing).

I Am Woman
Helen Reddy

               1st verse

I am woman, hear _______
In numbers too big _______
No one’s ever gonna __________ again


Oh yes, I am ______
Yes, I’ve paid the ______

If I have to, I can do _________
I am ______
I am ___________

               2nd verse

You can bend but never _______
More __________ to achieve my final goal
‘Cause you’ve __________ the conviction in my soul


But it’s ________ born of pain
But look how much I _______

               3rd verse

I am woman watch me ______

But I’m still _________

Until I make my brother _________


If I have to, I can _____ anything

Part 2
3) Now listen and read the lyrics to  check your answers.
4) Check the meaning of any of words you don’t know to improve your vocabulary.
5) Now that you understand the song sing along to practice your pronunication.

“I am Woman” sing along for International Women’s day